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Leadership and other news


Explainer: how does a leadership spill work?

All that trouble for a phantom challenge

Why new media reforms are bad news for Australian content

Protectionism: a matter of national pride

What price is too much for a cultured society?

Media reforms a historic opportunity missed

Government newspaper subsidies: threat to democracy or essential to its survival?

Crean’s coup flops as Rudd fades away

Twitter celebrates its seventh birthday

Doing business behind China’s ‘Great Firewall

Google Reader Death May Aid Internet Censorship

Big Brother still watching

Just How Fast Are China’s Internet Censors? Very.

New news – with a SciTech focus

ph-sun2_20130319091239785546-300x0NSW laws passed to end right to silence

Counting the hidden costs of energy

Lie detectors and anti-doping – who’s kidding who?

Explainer: Conroy’s proposed new media laws

Newsroom cuts a turnoff for readers: report

Eurozone crisis: A Timeline of events – three years of pain

Cyprus savings levy: fair or foul?

Researchers explore positive social and cognitive effects of video games

Despite bumps in the rollout, households show strong support for the NBN

Wicked Campers may face police action over ‘offensive’ slogans

Timeline: Reforms in Burma

Cut cost of generic medicines and save a billion

Please check out Google News’ Science and Technology tabs. There are HUNDREDS of useful, readable and relevant updates.

Why tax reform can help reduce problem gambling

Earth Hour increases emissions: Claim

Cyberlinguistics: recording the world’s vanishing voices

Qwerty keyboards: Time for a rethink?

Google Fibre is totally awesome, but it’s also completely unnecessary

Sandberg: Speak up, believe in yourself, take risks

Conroy proposes media reforms: the experts respond

Landmark homelessness report from Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

Invasion ripped apart a nation, causing misery

The year in space

In Pathological Gambling, Problems Differ With Age
Lights Out in the City That Never Sleeps

Criminal Justice issues


Criminal justice system

Criminal justice system faces four inquiries

Australian lawyers look outside the courtroom


Bikie gangs ready to start the killing

Tackle guns before laws, NSW premier says

Bikies threat to the public

States under pressure on national anti-gang laws

Weighing price of justice

Hikes in court fees endanger access to justice

Early bid to divert kids from crime

Funds needed to continue Redfern success story

Juvenile justice in focus

Watch “Racial Inequality in the Criminal Justice System” 

Media and Popular culture

Opinion: Violent videogames aren’t the problem

More than 20 hours of violent crime shows weekly on free-to-air TV

Michael Jackson’s Death — What Does it Say About Us?

Pop Culture: The New Frontier For Sports Beverage And Performance Companies


With American lingo, we’ve imported toxic US culture

The Americanisation of Australian Culture 

Cheap imports killing expensive local TV productions


Sport or Art?

Free ride for sports just not equitable

The fight to put more Australian content on (digital) TV (crikey.com.au)

Pop Culture’s Most Popular TV Show Is – Brace Yourself – The Bible (tarpon.wordpress.com)

News and Current Issues this week

viking, Economist

Big Alcohol and Big Tobacco – boozem buddies?

Forbidden fruit: are children tricked into wanting alcohol?

HIV+ Baby Cured

China: Three challenges for new leaders

Politicians from both right and left could learn from the Nordic countries

Rock art row: writing on wall if Gina Rinehart digs 

Senior judge warns over deportation of terror suspects to torture states 

Vatican’s men-only policy

Sex, drugs and illness: why teens need medical confidentiality 

Is using the internet as carbon heavy as flying? 

World stands up for women’s rights

How to green the world’s deserts and reverse climate change

Gillard snubs UN on single parent welfare  

Why women are better than men

Should There Be Limits On Paparazzi? 

Taking the odious option in a censorship war 

Why work on the homefront won’t count this year

Following Resignation, Top British Cardinal Acknowledges Sexual Misconduct 

Gina Rinehart Coal Mine Draws Opposition From Environmentalists – Bloomberg

Education, Politics and governance

Education - Funding, The Gonski ReviewTopic areas this week are Governance/Politics and Education. There is a great deal of material already on the blog on these issues. Please look for these tags and categories in previous posts.

Asylum seekers: Where Australia stands

How much do you know about China? Take our quiz.

Australia called on to refocus security in its neighbourhood

Drones an option for Australia’s defence

My drinking, your problem: alcohol hurts non-drinkers too

The environment issues we should be hearing about at this election

How will electoral reform shape the September election?

Fat Tax won’t stop our ballooning obesity epidemic

Factbox: Gonski by the numbers

The European debt crisis is not over

Iran photoshops Michelle Obama’s Oscar dress

Prisoner X and the question of dual loyalties

Renewables will shift the global superpowers

Fact check: only drugs and alcohol together cause violence

How much do you know about Iran? Take our quiz to find out.

Understanding the Gonski proposals

Censorship standards come from a personal place

PM will fight for education funding

Think you know the Middle East? Take our geography quiz.

Tainted grub in Europe’s food bowl

In the news in February

t1_benjohnsonWhat to do about performance enhancing drugs

The media and the madness: sport, drugs and Dank’s defamation

Prisoner X and everything you need to know about Mossad

Israel makes first official comment on Zygler case

Pistorius case and violence on women

Governing in a campaign year: what next for policy in 2013?

From the shadows, ‘loathsome’ Labor Lunchalot fronts ICAC

Australia strikes refugee deal with NZ

Love thy neighbour: religious groups should not be exempt from discrimination laws

Doping, Gambling and Sport. Integrity begins at home

The resignation of Pope Benedict XVI

Explainer: royal commission into child sex abuse

North Korea nuclear test: the experts respond

Historic ruling allows private firms to patent human genetic material

Life, liberty and the pursuit of gun control

The case for optional preferential voting 

My Rosa Parks moment in Sydney 2013

Do we need names to take doping seriously?